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The Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences (IAAS) was founded in 2003 and currently includes about 600 active members. We aim to foster scientists and students interested in aquatic sciences, studying oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. IAAS focuses on the impacts of global environmental change and upraising concerns about our aquatic systems.

IAAS holds an annual multidisciplinary scientific conference in Israel to provide a platform for exchanging cutting-edge aquatic science while at the same time strengthening the bonds between young and established aquatic researchers.

The membership in IAAS is open to all who are interested in aquatic sciences. By ‘aquatic sciences’ we refer to all aspects of the study of marine and inland aquatic systems.

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Statutes of the association

The Statutes of the Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences (IAAS): the rules and regulations have been established along with the IAAS foundation in 2003. According to new issues brought up by the scientific committee and the students, the Statutes is adapted and the changes has to be approved by all the members in the following annual meeting.

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